Monday, August 24, 2015


Patience Brewster informed me that this month is Artist Appreciation Month.If you"re not familiar Patience iis an artis as well and designs handmade Christmas ornaments. They encouraged me to write a blog post about the artist that has inspired me the most and I knew immediately who I would write about. Without a shadow of doubt the artist with the most influence on my life is my brother urban-landscape artist Stephen Magsig.

There have been many artists whose works I have studied and appreciated such as Nicolai Fechin, Winslow Homer, John Twachtman, Mary Cassatt and Edgar Degas. Some of the contemporary artists that have also influenced my work are:
 Wolf Kahn,/
Sally Strand,  
Marc Dalessio, 
Albert Handel,
Marc Hanson, and
 Barbara Jaeniecke,
But it is my brother who introduced me to the world of art. Many years ago he gave me a book for Christmas. It was "Wyeth at Kuerners". This book opened my eyes to a world as seen through an artist's eyes. As a child growing up in a small town I had never been to an art museum or gallery. As I studied the pages of the book my love for art was born.

Stephen has had a continuing influence on me as I have watched his career as an artist grow. Beyond my admiration for the art he creates I admire his perseverance and dedication. Stephen has been creating a work of art daily for over 40 years. On his blog: . 
Stephen has created and posted over 2000 5 x 7" - "Postcards from Detroit".
 In addition to these daily paintings he also creates larger works for gallery shows, often working as large as 48 x 72". His life revolves around art every day and I think he must even dream in brush strokes. Stephen and his artist wife Janet Hamrick share a love for making, viewing and collecting art. Janet and Stephen's work can also be seen on their website:

I am certain that every work of art I have studied has in some way influenced my own art. As a self-taught artist studying books about art has been my primary source of  'art education'. In a future blog post I will write about the many art books that are on my book shelves.

If you're an artist I'd love to hear from you about the artist's who have influenced your work. If you are a lover of art, whose work do you admire? August is almost over but I think you'd agree every month should be ARTIST APPRECIATION MONTH